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Step off the beaten track and awaken your senses on a 4-hour gourmet food walking tour in Athens, taken at a time that suits your schedule. Follow a private guide through Monastiraki Square and the central city market, Varvakios Agora, to spend a half-day sampling some of Athens finest street food. Feast on an array of authentic specialties, from sweet syrup Greek donuts to koulouri (sesame bread rings), and learn more about the culinary history of this incredible city with each bite. This private tour ensures undivided attention from a personal guide.


1. 4-hour gourmet walking tour of Athens with a private guide

2. Taste a selection of Greek specialties including koulóuria and loukoumades (Greek donuts)

3. Explore Varvakios Agora with an expert guide and learn about the city culinary history

4. Try a traditionally brewed Greek coffee

5. Visit specialty food stores to try local produce including wine and organic olive oil

6. Enjoy privileged, personalized attention from a guide on this private Greek food tour

7. Select a start time to suit your vacation schedule

What You Can Expect

Private Tour: Gourmet Food Walking Tour in Athens

Taste delicious Greek treats on this private tour in Athens!

Meet your food-loving guide in Monastiraki Square to begin your tour. As you walk, listen to your guide share fascinating insights into Greek cuisine and explains the tastings that follow. Head into a centuries-old cafe to bite into your first Greek specialty of the day — koulóuria. A traditional Greek breakfast item, koulóuria is crunchy on the outside, but deliciously soft on the inside.

Next, dive into an enticing pastry shop to sample custard-filled filo squares and loukoumades. These golden puffs of delight are unlike any donut you’ve ever eaten before. Doused in sweet syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts, loukoumades are delicious.

Continue onto your next stop and sink your teeth into a pie at an authentic Greek bakery, before sampling local cheese at one of district’s cheese stores. Then, head to the bustling meat and fish market of Varvakios Agora. Stroll past the many stalls, each bursting with color and aromatic produce, and taste some homegrown coffee. Unique in its taste, Greek coffee is brewed in a traditional small pot and served with foam on top and grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Next, visit some of the hidden specialty food stores to purchase tantalizingly fresh fruit, olives, cheese, ham and other alluring deli produce, before heading to a small souvenir shop to sample Greek yogurt, local wine, aged aromatized vinegar, organic olive oil and honey. Here, take the opportunity to buy some gifts for your friends and family, if you so wish.

Finish your tour with a wander down Evripidou Street. Heady with the scent of clove and cinnamon, this exotic street is famous for the herb and spice shops that have thrived here since the early 20th century. Enjoy a final tasting before ending your private culinary exploration back at Monastiraki Square.

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