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Explore the food markets of Athens on a private 4-hour walking tour and taste some of the delicious treats on offer. Visit local stores selling the "Green Treasures" of Greece, such as olive oil, wines, mushrooms, herbs and traditionally made pastas and salamis.

Start with a traditional Greek breakfast of koulóuria (sesame bread rings) in a century-old cafe, and then make your way to a pastry shop to sample loukoumades (Greek donuts) and custard-filled filo squares.

Enjoy local pies and cheeses at authentic greek bakeries and cheese stores.

Next, wander through the meat and fish market, the living monument markets of the city. Try some home-grown and roasted coffee, and visit specialty shops to purchase fresh fruit, olives, cheese, ham and other deli produce. Enjoy some local wine, organic produce olive oil and honey, seven years old aromatized vinegars and the world famous greek yoghurt produced at family farms, at a small shop that sells awesome gifts for your friends back home.

Wander down Evripidou Street, the herb street of the city that smells of clove and cinnamon make an exotic atmospere. Then end your culinary exploration at the deli stores of the historic city centre enjoying a tasting of unique local products and combination of food.

Why "Athens Walks" food tour?

Cause we do a real food tour!

You will search many food tour options in Athens. Most of them provide few samples of food. Our food tour consists the right ammount of food and tasting that will finish like a true lunch.

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Athens Food Tour



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Athens tours Athens Walks
Athens tours Athens Walks