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People of Athens Walks

People of Athens Walks

Athens Walks offers top-rated Athens Guided Tours. Our team consists of the best guides. Their deep knowledge of history, their communication skills, and their hospitable greek ways make them the elite of Athens guides. Yes, we are proud of our guides and how could we not? Athens Walks’ friendly guides team will share with you their passion for history, nature, and cuisine.
They will make you feel at home and be as if you have spent your day with someone you have always known.

My name is Ana. I am Argentinian and I live in Athens. I study and live in this wonderful and vibrant city.

Hi, I’m Katerina! I was born and raised just outside of downtown Athens and am seriously in love with the city center. I believe it’s one of the most colorful and alive cities in Europe and I love that it has become a haven for great food and coffee, especially within the last decade. It’s always a pleasure to see people from around the world be amazed by our food which is the pride and joy of all Athenians!

Hello, my name is Daphne. I grew up in the southern suburbs of Athens, but I have to admit that my heart was stolen from the city center atmosphere. 

I am an archeologist and certified tourist guide since 2011. My expertise is interactive tours that offer visitors an original, vivid experience of greek culture, mythology, and history.

Hello, I'm Dorela. I was born, raised and lived the biggest part of my life in Athens!

Ya Sas, hello! Warm greetings from Athens! My name is Irini and according to the myth, I am the goddess of peace and the season of spring. 

Hello, I’m Stamatis and I’m In love with this world its culture, food, and people I wish to travel it all and taste all its pleasures, join me in Athens to take you on a trip to the Greek world and its gastronomy, I’ll be your chef!

Hello, my name is Kostas and I'm the founder of Athens Walks Tour Company.I started to travel with my family at a very early age, almost 5 years and till my 39 years of life, I have visited many countries in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.I run Athens Walks Tour Company in Greece